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What is FormsBook?

Forms Book is a web application/software with which you can build shareable forms of various types within a few seconds or minutes without writing a single line of code and without learning HTML, CSS, etc. Once you create a form and share it with people you know or do not know via email or on social networks, you can collect data and analyze the same. The data is stored on our servers securely. Examples of the forms you can create with this application: Job form, survey form, customer satisfaction form, contact us form, registration form, application form, and more. Visit the demo section to see what FormsBook is capable of. Once a user fills the form and submits it, you can see what details the user has entered by logging in to your FormsBook account. FormsBook is a free software. You can create as many forms as you want.

Easy to use: You can create forms within few minutes (or even seconds) with FormsBook. No HTML/CSS knowledge is required.

Fast: FormsBook doesn't have features that waste your time. It saves your time. It has a simple user interface which loads fast on mobile devices as well on PC browsers.

Alerts: Get an email alert when someone fills the form and submits it. Every time a person fills the form and submits it, FormsBook will send you an alert email.

Colors: Make your form look beautiful with colors. FormsBook supports unlimited colors.

Sharing: To collect data or information, you can share the forms you create with people you know. You can share the form URL anywhere you want i.e. WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Report: See the data you collect. You can also filter the data. FormsBook, the online form builder displays the data as it is.

Secure: The information submitted by the users is safe. The forms are server over a secure URL (HTTPS).