About FormsBook?

Creating a form from scratch is time-consuming. If you want to build a custom form, you will have to learn HTML, CSS, JS, etc, and a server-side programming language. If you're concerned only about your business and not the technical things that involve creating forms, use FormsBook.

Forms Book lets you create simple forms of various types for data collection quickly with just a few clicks of a button. Once you create a form, you have to share it with the people from whom you want to collect data with the short URL generated by FormsBook. You can share this URL anywhere you want. FormsBook doesn't have annoying popups or confusing options. It is simple and fast.

You can use FormsBook for free to collect data from up to as many people as you want. Users can also filter the data that has been shared by the people. FormsBook has a mobile-friendly design. You can thus create a new form on mobile devices as well as desktops. We're working to make the mobile version of FormsBoook more intuitive.

FormsBook is a new application. We're working on new features. Stay tuned.

Team behind FormsBook

FormsBook has been built by Pramod Choudhary , a full stack developer. Pramod has been building web applications since 2012.

Why FormsBook was built?

Pramod was looking for a simple form creator that didn't have a fancy user interface. As he didn't find one, he built the FormsBook web application.